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We provide customised renewable energy solutions in the areas of Solar rooftop, Solar Hybrid and other renewable energy solutions.

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We can provide you with various solar system options that can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your current electric bill.


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Premier Solar Panels Tempe

Solar power is an eco-friendly source of power. It doesn't release green-house gases. General electriTempe creating sources are harmful for nature. This causes global warming. Solar power doesn't harm the nature in any way. Solar power relieves you from the stress of paying high amount bills. It let's you enjoy power at very cheap rates. Solar power is abundant in nature. Sun light is a source that will never be extinct. It creates a bulk amount of power in a day. You can always be secured using solar power. You can use solar power throughout the day.
Solar Panels Tempe AZ has brought an idea to use this resource. We have systems which let's you use this natural source of power. Those systems are known as solar panels. Solar panels generates power. You can use this power by connecting it to your appliances. Once you are done with the fitting, you are free to use this resource. Solar panels are generally fitted at your rooftop. It absorbs direct sun rays and creates power. They work silently. You never know they even exist. Comparatively they even save you whole lot of money.
Solar panels contain a number of solar cells. It is the major component for solar power. Solar cell is a device which converts sun light into power. These cells needs to be protected from moisture and damages. Thus, they are cover with two layers. One on the top and other on the bottom of the solar panel. These cells absorbs the light and converts it into DC. A solar system contains solar modules, inverter and a battery pack. Not all the things work on DC. After the cells create DC, it flows to the inverter. The inverter converts this current into AC. We can use this power for any things we want. All we need is just to connect those things with our solar panel. Once they are connected, we can easily enjoy using solar power. Since amount of power is very high, a battery pack is present. It stores all the extra amount. You can use it anytime in future.
There are a number of dealers in the market. Solar Contractors Tempe AZ is the best among all. Our quality, rates and services are unlike others. Here's a list of things which makes us unique:
Solar Panels Tempe is dealing with solar panels since many years. It help us in recreating the systems for better. We know everything related to solar panels. Our large group of customers helped us reach so high in this field.
• We always hire trained employees. Tempe Solar Energy is known for innovation and quality. The knowledge of our employees helps us in bringing new ideas to the market.
• Our company has a variety of systems. We all types of solar panels. Like Mono-crystalline Solar Panels, Poly-crystalline Solar Panels or Thin-Film Solar Cells. We have systems with different capacities. You can buy the one which fits your list. Our systems are best for your home & office use.
• As compare to other dealers, our rates are less. Even a middle class family can afford our systems. You don't to bargain with us. You will never feel like paying more than actual value of the system. Our rates are fixed and budget friendly.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

energy efficient equipment

Our Powerwall charges with energy produced by solar panels, making that energy available when needed, day or night.

• Solar panels should be a one time buy for many years. Solar Energy Tempe have systems which last longer. Our systems are efficient.
• We provide tons of discounts and offers. You will always pay less and get more. Gift cards and coupons are provided each time buy from us. These cards can be availed for your next buy.
• We provide free delivery services. We never charge extra for delivering the system. We deliver the system within 2hrs from the time you bought it.
• Apart from selling solar panels, we also have fitting services. If you already have a solar panel or you bought one from us, get it fitted. Call us on our number and get us booked. We will there in half an hour at your service.
• Our employees never let you burden about the mess. They always clean the mess created by them. They quickly fit the systems. They will be done by their work by time you will relax.
• We rework until you are happy with our services. Bringing joy is our only agenda. If you ever feel unhappy with our fitting services you can call us again. We won't charge any extra amount.
• Just like the world, our services are also smart. Tempe Solar Panels has a online website. You can book us for fitting just by one click. If you want to checkout about our system, you can go through it. All you need is a good internet speed.
• We provide one year free servicing on our products. We also have a 7 day exchange policy. If you ever feel like changing your system, you can get it changed easily. We provide bills which makes you sure about your free services.
• You can signup on our website. All the offers available for you will be mailed on your ID. In that way, you never loose any offers or discounts. You can also pay online using wallets. It helps you in saving a lot of money.
• Our website contains all the reviews given by our customers. Their ratings will help you with your doubts. You can read them before you buy anything from us.
• Our aim is not just to earn. We want to make people aware about the benefits of solar power. Our target is to make every home use this resource.
You have already wasted a lot of money. Opt for a green way and save your money. If you haven't bought your solar panel yet, buy it asap. Let solar panels be your new source of power. Save the nature from global warming. Solar Energy Tempe AZ will never let you worry about anything. We will bring happiness at your doorstep. We promise that you will never regret choosing us. 

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Solar panels blend into roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware Which gives streamlined look.

Our solar system produces clean power, integrate seamlessly with Powerwall, and help you control your electricity bills.

We are a group of technicians and highly interested in Renewable Sources of Power Generation such as solar systems.

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